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There’s much to be enjoyed about golf and wine, but maybe there is a closer association between the two that together make them the perfect pairing.

Many would agree that either playing a round of golf or enjoying a glass of wine will offer respite and relaxation from everyday worries. So maybe the two together takes living the good life to totally new heights.

Golfers tend to seek a relaxed lifestyle marked by quality food and drink. The no rush approach to a long game can easily be compared to a leisurely lunch shared with friends quaffing a delightful vintage.

To us, these two heavenly pastimes are synonymous with each other and here are just a few simple, yet beautiful reasons why:Unique
In the same way that no two golf courses are the same, no two wines are the same. A links course in Europe is likely to offer a completely different experience to one in South Africa, in the same way that a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley in France will deliver a totally different tasting profile to its New Zealand counterpart.

The individuality of a course can be defined by a particular hole or landscape in the same way a winery becomes acclaimed for a specific style of wine. As a result, each game, each course, each bottle and each sip, becomes a uniquely memorable experience unlike any other gastro-sporting partnership.

In the same way that the rowdy roars from a football stadium are inevitably associated with a pint of beer, there is no better beverage to compliment the civilised game of golf like a sophisticated glass of vino.

The precision and concentration required from golfers with silent spectators raising a polite applause on triumph are characteristic of this respectable sport. The similarities to the expertise and skill that accompanies wine production can be described much the same along with the respect heralded from wine aficionados.

There’s no doubt that the game of golf comes with its challenges, irrespective of the experience of the player. The same can be said for producing great wines.  Whilst dedication and expertise can produce a great player or a great wine, there are certain conditions outside of human control that can beat even the most experienced professionals.

The volatility of climate, tricky terrain, soil conditions and wind speeds are challenges that both golfers and wine producers are forced to overcome in the face of adversity. At the same time, if it was a great season for grapes, it was also likely to be a great season for golfers.

It is often the social aspect of the sport that makes golf so appealing to so many. The chance to forge new friendships on and off the course. Equally wine is a beverage best shared. It even encourages those who don’t necessarily enjoy the game to become part of the camaraderie within the golf club environment. And who doesn’t enjoy sitting back on a terrace in the sun overlooking miles of lush green countryside?

This is why so often, a day on the course may start with ‘fore’ but will likely end with a ‘pour.’

This why we believe that The 19th wines are a match made in heaven for both golf and wine lovers. Two of life’s simple pleasures inextricably linked for years of enjoyment.

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